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Coach Classic Cloth Design Dark Blue Leather Handbag

Coach Classic Cloth Design Dark Blue Leather Handbag Photo Coach Classic Cloth Design Dark Blue Leather Handbag Large Photo

Makes a Great Everyday Purse!!! This is a Coach Classic Cloth/Leather Handbag, that features the famous 4 horseshoe- shaped "C" design. It is a chocolate on beige cloth canvas handbag with dark blue leather trim and flap closure. Sturdy and durable by design, this is one of my personal pre-loved favorites. I can testify to the everyday wear and tear stress I put on this purse, and, I must add, it has weathered the storm. It still looks great!!!

This handbag has a lot of great features that makes it live up to that popular Coach brand name. It has the Coach trademark emblem of the horse and buggy wagoncoach, stamp branded into the dark blue leather on the front, slightly above the mock brass belt buckle,magnetic snap button closure. the emblem reads, "Coach Leatherware Est. 1941", which if found on the 13 inch leather flap.(see picture 10). It has a 30 inch long, detachable from one side,leather shoulder strap. The strap has a braided portion,along with a mock buckle and belt loop that ends with a pivoting heavy duty,brass gate and hook attachment,for reliable shoulder strap strength (an added plus for those of you who like to carry everything including the kitchen sink inside!!!), (see picture 3). What is also good about this pivoting and detachable hook is that it will keep the shoulder strap from tangling and twisting (see picture #4). Inside lining is a light beige polyester material Sorry guys, but there are some noted ink pen stains. It is lightly soiled, but other than that the lining is intact and in good condition. Also on the inside, is the Coach Trademark brown leather patch (see picture 2). Please note the authenticity and the serial number. Standard zipper and small double open-pocket compartments are also on the inside. On the back of the handbag, is a deep 8-inch pocket along with outer 4-inch pocket. (There again, I must point out, the imperfections on the cloth found on the smaller pocket (see picture 6 ). Dark blue leather makes up the bottom base is found along the trim. Actual width of purse compartment size is 12 inches.

Height of total handbag: 25 inches (actual purse compartment + shoulder straps)
Height of actual purse compartment: 10 inches
Total Width of purse compartment: 12 inches
Length of shoulder strap: 30 inches
Side purse compartment width: 3 & 1/2 inches
Leather flap closure: 13 inches
Deep back pocket: 8 inches
Mini back pocket : 4 inches

  • Condition: Used