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1960's Vintage Birdwell Beach Britches

1960's Vintage Birdwell Beach Britches Photo 1960's Vintage Birdwell Beach Britches Large Photo

1960's size 32 mens board shorts in powder blue with white stitching. They say size 32, however given the year made I would say a 32 is a tight fit, if you're a size or 2 smaller they will fit perfectly. If you're a bit over 32 I'd say these are a no go for you.

"Birdie" logo on tag. Back pocket even has a little left over sand in it from who knows when or where...I didn't wash them because I think the sand is super cool!!! Character and a piece of history!!

They are in mint condition however, the tie string has been caught at some point in the velcro, you may want to replace it with a new killer pop color string or just rock the original.

If you need additional photos or have a question let me know!