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Huset in Venice, CA uses HipSwap to sell fabulous modern Scandinavian living products to hipsters in Venice Beach and around Los Angeles. Ever heard of a Stuffed Maileg Badger or a Reindeer Horn Bottle? Say ha-lo to Huset.

Rebekka Lien on HipSwap

Cathy is a Santa Monica artist who paints emotionally beautiful acrylics on canvas. She shows her work on HipSwap so more people can view and collect her art. HipSwap loves helping buyers support local artists.

Munky King on HipSwap

Huset on HipSwap

Rebekka is a Silverlake, California designer and fashion entrepreneur. She loves HipSwap because she gets to express her unique style and eye for fabulous clothes, and make money doing it. From Skull Raven Rings to Strawberry Beanies to Rodarte Dresses, lean on Rebekka for the trendiest stuff in Silverlake.

Cathy on HipSwap

Munky King munky do. Where else can you discover a Plastic God, an Angry Clobber Monkey or Bentworld Spray Cans? HipSwap, of course. And if those products don't make you ape for more, then you might want to start selling your own stuff on HipSwap.