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Aquatic Life Universal Light Fixture hanger New without box

Aquatic Life Universal Light Fixture hanger New without box Photo Aquatic Life Universal Light Fixture hanger New without box Large Photo

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Light Fixture Hangers
Easily suspend light fixtures above the aquarium!
Extending Arms allow suspension of light fixtures over aquariums up to 30 inches tall
Adjustable Mounting Plates allow for use on a wide variety of furniture sizes
Welded End Stop keeps cables safely secured
Included Straps make power cord management easy by keeping the cord attached to the Suspension Arm
Use multiple Suspension Arms for larger fixtures
Hand Knob easily locks Suspension Arm at desired height
adjustable upright: After installing and securing the base
of the Light Fixture Hanger a , attach the Hand Tightening
Knob d to the top of the base where the female threaded nut/
connection is located. Turn the knob into the base a few turns,
but not the entire way. The Adjustable Upright B needs to slide
into the base before securing.
Insert the Adjustable Upright B into the Upright with Mounting
Base a , into the square tube and position approximately 12
inches above the top of the aquarium frame, tighten the Hand
Knob d to secure the Upright. Position the second Upright if
used in the same manner.
The Universal Light Fixture hanger includes a STOP at the end
of the Upright to prevent a mounting wire from sliding off the
hanger. Most fixture suspension options use a wire loop design
and can be looped over the end of the Upright. After the light
fixture is in its final position, use the supplied zip ties to secure
the fixture power cord onto the Upright to prevent the cord from
sliding. Contact me or text with any questions 9 two82 three9zero 0 three
This item is brand new with out box. Check out my other listing with my custom ecoxotic Aquarium light fixture

  • Condition: New
  • Color: Black