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What's My Grade Now?

What's My Grade Now? Photo What's My Grade Now? Large Photo

A Cool Tool for calculating your course grade, at any time, to determine how you are doing in Math 1111 College Algebra and Math 1113 Precalculus at Georgia State University. With more than 75 graded online assignments used to determine your grade, why guess how you are doing, when you can calculate your grade using "What's My Grade Now?"

We will work with you to design a custom grade calculator at any college/university that uses a large number of graded assignments. These are usually online assignments in courses that use MyMathLab, WebAssign, etc. Students will be able to quickly calculate their grade in the course.

We, also, work with parents who want to help their students manage their time efficiently by always knowing what their child's grade is in a course that has a large number of graded assignments.

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