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Rosewood Tansu Cabinet w/Mother of Pearl for media, music stereo & bar

Rosewood Tansu Cabinet w/Mother of Pearl for media, music stereo & bar Photo Rosewood Tansu Cabinet w/Mother of Pearl for media, music stereo & bar Large Photo

Up for sale is a Rosewood Tansu Cabinet . Handles match Antique Yak Jang Tansu.; Origin Korea, Circa 1850-1890. I can have a glass top cut for this unit. Top inset is 16 3/8 by 35 1/8. Feel free to request it.

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I bought this cabinet from an antique store and glued the pieces down again. It is built like a Rubens Cube. I buffed the wood back to its original state. The wood showed oxidation of over 100 years and all the glue had crystallized. It is now resorted to a solid state after my inspection. There is a old Oriental calendar pasted inside it. It was adhered with rice glue. I reinforced it with lacquer to withstand time.

I built a new shelf with pine inside. The former user used it for a media cabinet and there is a hole in the back. The shelf I installed allows a by-pass in the back for wiring. Some of the drawers have natural borings which identify it as a true antique. I can stain the new shelf dark, but for now it is a Scandinavian blonde as a fresh surface . The shelf slates allow disassemble. I cut them tight so they stay in place without hardware, not to disturb the antique.

The face has a floral arrangement of mother of pearl on both panels. I love rose wood, but most of all, I love mother of Pearl. I clamped this cabinet in all directions and restored it to its original shape. If you need this service on your Tansu collection, feel free to contact me.

This Tansu cabinet is appraised over 3.6K in material, utility, condition and age

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About myself: I am a retired Material Science Engineer (B.S.) and during my earlier years I restored sculptures at the Hirshhorn Museum within the Smithsonian. I have a Bachelors of Science with Material Science and Industrial Arts. The example you see here is a job I did this year. My specialty is wood furniture and I can do jobs right outside your front or back porch. Garages work well for winter time work. Send me your location and a description of your item and I will give you a free quote. I do finishing, color matching, hand stripping, fabrication or replacement of parts, touch-up details, and stain removal. Feel free to check on my new jobs that I will feature here. My label is HALO-TLC (dot)com (HeartWood Antiques Listed Online & TLC Services)