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Apple Studio Display

Apple Studio Display Photo Apple Studio Display Large Photo

This is a Graphite 17" Apple Studio Display - CRT. The dimensions are 18.9"H x 16.5"W x 16.9"D and the actual viewing area is 16." It weighs 48 lbs and the highest supported resolution is 1152x870 at up to 75 Hz. It connects via a Mini D-Sub VGA and was marketed for the Power Macintosh G4/400/450 and 500 but can be used for a PC with a VGA input or you can buy an adapter for other connections. It is an excellent monitor but has a minor imperfection which I could not get a pic of. There is a one pixel wide line across the top sector of the screen that is visible to the eye. It is not black, which would indicate dead pixels but it is a noticeable variation that I must mention. As you can see, it does not affect the picture quality. The housing is clean with no cracks, beaks, or clouding. Adapter is not included. Price is for the display and power cord. Local cash sale only, thanks!