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2 Lithographs by Meher Raheem

2 Lithographs by Meher Raheem Photo 2 Lithographs by Meher Raheem Large Photo

The first is a 1977 rendering of a Racing Horseman and the second is a 1974 portrait of an Elder Tribesman. Both are original creations of Mrs. Maher Raheem, a Pakistani artist from Saudi Arabia. Saudi art had minimal exposure until a 2008 government supported initiative headed by King Abdullah. The market has increased significantly and Saudi Artwork has become quite desirable. These are large, signed (in print) Lithographs that are double matted and professionally framed. The Tribesman is in a heavy silver frame that compliments the black and white charcoal media and the Horseman is in a heavy gold frame that enhances the warm tones in the color lithograph. They are approximately 22" x 17" and 17" x 22.5" respectively and are both ready to hang. The Horseman has a minor imperfection that I have tried to show in the close ups. It is almost impossible to see but if I can see it, I want you to know about it. Both of these pieces are framed with frosted glass and the price is for both pieces as I feel they compliment each other nicely and should be kept together.