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Framed Egyptian Papyrus painting - Nefertari

Framed Egyptian Papyrus painting - Nefertari Photo Framed Egyptian Papyrus painting - Nefertari Large Photo

Professionally framed in an exquisite, classic, black and gold, natural wood frame with elaborate relief details and a brilliant rich finish; this Museum Quality Art Piece is ready to hang in your home or office adding elegance and beauty for a very competitive price.
This stunning 3250 year old scene of Hathor and Nefertari is painted on the finest hand-made, authentic Egyptian Papyrus, by the native well known Egyptian artist: Adel Ghabor.
This amazing painting is an exact replica of the original found in Queen Nefertari, tomb in the Valley of the Queens at Luxor in Egypt. New Kingdom, 19th dynasty, 13th century B.C.
Queen Nefertari, wife of Ramses the Great, is perhaps the best example of a queen whose name and image are today well known but whose life remains a tantalizing mystery. Nefertari (her name means the beautiful one has come) is shown here giving offerings to Hathor (left) the goddess of Love, Happiness, Music and Dancing.
Hathor was one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt who was associated with everything beautiful. She is painted sitting on her throne, wearing her crown adorned with the solar disc nestled in the center of the horns of a cow.

Size: L 24" X W 20"

  • Condition: New