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Framed Egyptian Papyrus painting - Royal couple

Framed Egyptian Papyrus painting - Royal couple Photo Framed Egyptian Papyrus painting - Royal couple Large Photo

Framed in a classic gold, exquisite polyurethane frame with raised ornemental decorative reliefs; this scene is the Third of an Eight Set Collection engraved on a golden shrine discovered in Tut-ankh-amuni"?1/2s (king Tut) tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922.
It is hand-painted on the finest hand-made authentic Egyptian Papyrus by the famous native Egyptian Artist: Adel Ghabor
The original scene is more than three thousand years old and resides today in the Museum of Cairo in Egypt.
In extremely refined details, this painting is depicting the young Pharaoh sitting on his throne, pouring perfume (which was invented in ancient Egypt) in his bride's - Queen Ankh-tse-amun 's- hand, while she is leaning tenderly on his knee in a romanting setting.
King Tut is also shown holding a bouquet of Lotus Flowers in his left hand, which the ancient Egyptians believed had Rejuvenating Powers and an Aphrodisiac effect.
To the left of the Pharaohi"?1/2s face, his Royal Cartouche (seal) is shown carrying the letters of his name in the ancient Hieroglyphic language (the sun disc, a scarab, three stones and a plate), which translates into Tutanhamun in English.
New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, 14 century B.C.

Size: L24" X W19"

  • Condition: New