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Vintage 1971 Daiichi Syoka "New Vanguard" "Paul Marshall"239D Pachinko - $120

Vintage 1971 Daiichi Syoka Vintage 1971 Daiichi Syoka

This Vintage Daiichi Syoka 239D "Paul Marshall" "New Vanguard 100" Pachinko parlor game is easily recognizable by the blue color slanted front ball loader panel. From what we know this is probably the first year they used the slanted ball loader panel. This model is also recognized because of the 239D writing next to the loader window in the front tray. The spinners are 3-slotted and painted white, with a red center, blue circle, yellow circle, and red rim. The front ball loader panel is plastic and is opened by removing the 4 screws on the sides of it. Has only green back mechanics. The front case was always white wood-like laminate on the top with a brown wood-like laminate on the bottom..

In end of the 40s, there was a Pachinko boom, because after the war it was a time of shortage. Every adult could receive only four or five cigarettes per day and these were soon finished. But Pachinko made it possible to win tobacco and thus became very popular. Another reason for its popularity was the new designed game by Masamura Shoichi from Nagoya, the "Pachinko King". He created a game according to the physical law of movements. Before the nails had been set just random. Also he included new gimmicks like turning wheels. In the 50s, Pachinko won recognition. Several new types of Pachinko machines were developed and a system of wholesale buying was introduced. This system allowed the player to sell his win to a wholesale buyer, who sold it on a market, and thus to receive cash money instead of goods. It was forbidden by law to pay out money or coupons to a winner, only goods were allowed. In 1951 the Pachinko hall owners formed syndicates.

During all the following years, Pachinko had a rising tendency with a few minor set-backs. There were new machines and more prizes to attract the players. In the 80s, Pachinko had a mega boom thanks to the computer technology that was integrated into the machines. Because of random generators winning was not depending on lots of experience anymore, also beginners had a chance. And because of increased speed it became possible to win more in a shorter time. In the 90s, Pachinko could even extend its sales.

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