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Used ANTEC P180 Full Tower Case - $100 (Pasadena)

Used ANTEC P180 Full Tower Case - $100 (Pasadena) Photo Used ANTEC P180 Full Tower Case - $100 (Pasadena) Large Photo


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Otherwise, I used this for a gaming rig I built in 2007. The rig finally died and I am selling its parts and components - starting with the case.

Cosmetic errors- Chassis front panel door hinge is broken so the door panel doesn't fit snug. Fan guard hinge on top of the chassis is chipped does it doesn't fit snugly either. I'll show you what I mean when you pick this up in person.

Comes with case screws, HDD screws for ANTEC modular bays for up to 3 drives, working 650W Power Supply, AC power cord, and 2 DVD RW drive bays by Lite On (YMMV). Based on my tests, the power supply and fans still work and ball bearings havent given out so its still relatively quiet.

I've taken pics attached for your viewing pleasure with the case open and what it comes with. It's a solid case for a server or a new gaming rig. If you're looking for the Antec brand and its solid alum/steel chassis features, and modular HDD mounts, and don't care too much on looks, here you are!

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  • Condition: Used
  • Color: Black