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1993 Ford Taurus

1993 Ford Taurus Photo 1993 Ford Taurus Large Photo

Hello! This is a 1993 Ford Taurus. It would be a great work car or first car for a beginning driver. I have drove it for the past 4 years. It was my first car and it has been wonderful! It runs very well for being quite an old car. The mileage is 149,000 miles. It has a loud muffler, but this can be fixed by buying a new one. It has never bothered me much, which is why I never fixed it. It also needs the AC recharged. This also never bothered me much, having the widows down is all the AC I ever needed. I have had to take it to the shop a few times. When I first got it it needed a new freeze plug (I have the receipt). Last summer I also had to get one of the power steering hoses replaced (I do not have the receipt for this one however). Other than these things I have never had any problems and it runs very well. I am actually very sad to let this go because it has been such a great car! However being so old I did not feel comfortable driving it to college, thus why I got a newer car. Great for getting around town!

  • Condition: Used
Ford taurus