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Carmen Electra Dance Pole

Carmen Electra Dance Pole Photo Carmen Electra Dance Pole Large Photo

I have a carmen electra pole that is stationary as well as roating. It is really easy to assemble, it's easy to travel with. I bought it only about a month or two ago and now I'm downsizing and don't really need it. Its really sturdy and lots of fun to twirl around on. I clean it regularly with alcohol (sanitizes it and makes it easier to grip). It comes with everything I orginally bought it with except the box it came in. It goes for about 145 on Amazon and other online websites. If you would like, I can show you how to put it up because the DVD is pretty dang confusing (and you don't need to drill it into the ceiling unless you plan on doing some crazy moves down the road) as well as how to change it from stationary to rotating.

  • Condition: Barely Used
  • Color: Gray