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Crate FXT120 amp

Crate FXT120 amp Photo Crate FXT120 amp Large Photo

Great amp. This thing is loud and proud. It is in great condition and has alot of great features that set it apart from others in this price range.
Very versatile and solid amp.You get a whole lot of amp for the price with the Crate FXT120 Guitar Combo Amp with DSP.
Blow the room away with 120W RMS driving 2 - 12' speakers. Crate features the FlexWave Evolution 5 preamp for tube tone and feel emulation in the FXT120. 16 DSP effects give it the versatility today's gigging guitarists need. Switchable 3-channel operation with included footswitch. Effects set includes reverb, delay, flange, chorus, multi-effects, touch wah, rotary speaker, and doubler. External speaker jack and chromatic tuner.

  • Condition: Barely Used