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FREE 3 Day Hotel Stay! 20 Destinations Voucher

FREE 3 Day Hotel Stay! 20 Destinations Voucher Photo FREE 3 Day Hotel Stay! 20 Destinations Voucher Large Photo

 FREE 3 Day Hotel Stay!


Destinations Voucher

 Choose From These 20
Exciting Resort Cities

Vegas, NV
Laughlin, NV
Reno, NV
Tahoe, CA
Daytona Beach, FL
Atlantic City,
Anaheim, CA (Disneyland Area)
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Palm Springs, CA
San Antonio, TX
Mountains, PA
Gatlinburg, TN
Branson, MO

White Mountain, NH
New Orleans, LA
Myrtle Beach, SC
Orlando, FL
This full color
vacation certificate will be imprinted with your business name for you
to give to your customers to increase leads and create sales.

 You Can Not Beat This Deal

This certificate allows your customers to receive 3 days and 2
nights hotel accommodations in their choice of 20 destination cities.
They simply mail in their certificate with their choice of city and a
$10.00 processing and handling fee. This is a powerful sales medium for
your company to offer to increase sales or generate more leads.
Customers are virtually guaranteed to receive their requested travel
dates when booking reservations 60 days in advance and not selecting
weekends or weeks of holidays and following all other restrictions. No
timeshare or sales presentations are required!


  • Valid In 20 Different Destinations.
  • Your Customers Receive Tremendous Value.
  • Your Business Increases Sales.
  • Perfect
    Traffic Builder, Door Opener, or Lead Generator.
  •  How can
    we do this?
    This offer does not involve any
    timeshare presentations. We simply introduce people to our hotels for
    just the cost of the room tax on their first visit. We offer them the
    opportunity to return as many times as they wish in the future at a
    discounted rate by booking through our travel agent. Not valid for
    group travel or conventions. Must be 21 or older.

     Are there any
    restrictions for the 3 Day/2 Night Hotel
    Yes. You must be 21 years of age or older.
    Reservations must be made 60 days in advance. Dates near conventions
    and major holidays are usually blacked out and unavailable for this
    special offer. Holidays, weekends, and travel within 60 days require a
    surcharge. Check-in days are Monday through Wednesday. This offer is
    not valid for conventions or group travel and may not be used
    back-to-back. Only 1 certificate may be used per family, per city in
    any 12 month period. Casino offer book may only be used by
    non-residents of Nevada.
     Which hotels will I be staying
    The hotels you will be staying in are constantly
    changing and depend on the date, destination, and availability. Hotels
    used are rated AAA or better. You select the travel dates and our
    travel provider will select the hotel that has occupancy during those
    dates. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your accommodations
    or your registration fee will be refunded.

     What happens after I
    send in my certificate and the $10 processing
    You will receive back a reservation form for the city of
    your choice. For instance, if you select Las Vegas, you will receive a
    reservation form for Las Vegas. You simply fill out the reservation
    form with your dates and mail it to the travel provider's reservation

    office. If you follow the simple terms and conditions and select dates
    60 days in advance and not the week of a holiday, you will be
       How much are room taxes?

    Room taxes are between $5-$12 per night depending on the
    city you choose (based on local room tax rates).

     How many people is this
    trip for?
    These certificates are for 2 people.

     When do these
    certificates expire?
    Reservations must be taken
    within one year.
       Do these certificates include
    No. Transportation, meals, and room taxes
    are not included. You are NOT required to purchase airfare from us or
    any specific agency.
     How can this be offered so
    We simply introduce you to hotels for just
    the cost of the room tax on their first visit. If you enjoy your visit,
    it is most likely that you will return. There are absolutely NO
    timeshare or sales presentations involved.

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