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Pixies Pet Travel Carrier - Vintage 1972

Made by "Great Eastern Pet Supply Company" Brooklyn New York. Light weight pet carrier with see through top and big air holes on both ends. Hounds tooth pattern and 3 locks so the pet won't escape. Also on the carrier is a Rabies tag from 1972 when rabies vaccines arrived in our pets world. The pet would get one of these tags once vaccinated. I had two of these and on December 12 , 2012 at 12:12 am I lost my beautiful girl Pixie, the black & white pup in the pics here, she died in my arms unexpectedly in our home in my arms. I used this as her final carrier, including her blankets, toys, Daddy's sad good byes to her and buried her in this carrier under her favorite palm tree in the front of our yard. It gives me peace to know that she is still here with us and that if I choose, I can easily take her with me if i move from this house in her carrier. It ended up being the perfect eternal carrier for my Pixie Girl. I love you forever Pixie. Daddy & Gizmo!

  • Size: up to a 25 lb pet
  • Condition: Barely Used
  • Color: Gray