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Jasaron® Slimming Body Oil™ for Women

Jasaron® Slimming Body Oil™ for Women Photo Jasaron® Slimming Body Oil™ for Women Large Photo

This all-natural body oil will burn fat within minutes of massaging it all over your body. This patent-pending formula was developed by a University of Virginia scientist. Includes 1 oz. to be applied generously to all areas of skin. Get best results before bedtime and during exercise to increase Calories Burned Per Set (CBPS)™. Ladies' scent smells like a fragrant flower. All natural body oil that rids fat deposits from head to toe. Helps you lose weight naturally, but at a rapid pace. Stimulates hair growth when massaged into the scalp to nourish the follicle. The antibiotic/antiseptic properties provide odor and acne protection. Relieves painful joints and back. Smooths scar tissue, and loosens dead skin from dry feet. Rid the tail, and the rest will follow™

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  • Color: Yellow