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Lot of 9 Toys $55 OBO

Lot of 9 Toys $55 OBO Photo Lot of 9 Toys $55 OBO Large Photo

First off let me start by saying purchasing one of these items in the store could cost you close to $50.00. All of these are gifts my kids got as gifts and NEVER played with they just sat around collecting dust. They are all in perfect condition. Both of the spiderman toys talk, both of the dinosaurs roar and walk, I think they may need new batteries though. The Robot is a great learning toy and comes with a remote control. We all know Jessie from Toy Story. There is a toy saw that really works. A alligator that walks behind you if you pull the string and a toy for a younger child, that drives, makes noise and sings. If you have any questions lt me know.

  • Condition: Barely Used