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Sunbeam Popcorn Popper Circus Wagon

Sunbeam Popcorn Popper Circus Wagon Photo Sunbeam Popcorn Popper Circus Wagon Large Photo

“The Great American Popcorn Machine”

Get ready for a POPPING good time with this awesome 1970 Sunbeam popcorn popper. Nothing in the world beats fresh popped popcorn, especially when its popped in fun vintage style!
It it SUPER cute and it works fantastic. This popcorn maker would be awesome for a party, as decoration, or just to enjoy fresh home made yummy popcorn while your watching your favorite movie (no more pricey microwave popcorn for you).

It doesn't come with original instructions but its SUPER easy..... The popper heats up right away. You pour in a little cooking oil, add a layer of popcorn, put the top on, remove the red plastic lid to open air holes, plug it in until corn is popped. (If you want you can add a little butter to drip down through the holes.) When the corn is done, replace the red plastic lid, turn the whole machine upside down, lift off the bottom popper, and your popcorn is ready to serve in the wagon-top bowl.

The Wagon itself is in Very good Vintage condition, no flaking or rubbing off of the gold. It is in fantastic condition.
It measures 12" long, 8" wide, and 10" tall.