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Garage Sale - Books, Magazines, and more!

Garage Sale - Books, Magazines, and more! Photo Garage Sale - Books, Magazines, and more! Large Photo

at 1846 s yank pl
Lakewood Colorado
on Thursday August 16, 2012
Friday August 17, 2012,
Saturday August 18, 2012,
and Sunday August 19, 2012

There are mostly books (around 1500 - 200)
that range from children's books and teen books
to novels and random other books.

Conditions range from used acceptable to used
like new and there are a few in new condition as

In addition to books, there are also a few sports
magazines, Post magazines, Mad Magazines, and
a few random magazines (a few Princess Diana magazines)
in used like new to used acceptable condition.


Official scorecard of rockies vol 14 no 5
Athletics 1953 yearbook
1980 minnesota twins yearbook
Centennial yearbook Pittsburgh pirates
NY Yankees 1983 official yearbook
Chicago 1988 yearbook
Phillies 1985 yearbook 37th edition
NY Yankees 1985 official yearbook
LA Dodgers commemorative yearbook
Milwaukee brewers 86 official yearbook
touchdown awesome playmakers NFL
(2) game program super bowl xxxiii
California angels official 1984 yearbook
LA Dogers 1986 commemorative year
(2) Wrigley field 1985 yearbook cubs
1988 yearbook Minnesota twins
giants 1983 official yearbook 100yrs
Oakland athletics magazine blazing A's
Album souvenir yearbook expos 83
Padres 1985 official program souvenir
Pittsburg pirates official yearbook 1984
(2) 1984 souvenir program rangers
scorecard rockies coors field opening
LA Dogers 1985 commemorative year
1988 NY Mets yearbook
Sports illustrated hoo-ray CO avalanche
inside sports baseball ratings stuff
all star game 50th anniversary 1983
street smiths college football 41st year
1983 metw yearbook now fun starts
Oakland athletics mag 1985 vol 5 no 4
Chicago white sox 1960 yearbook
1984 chicago white sox yearbook
Ny yankee 1987 yearbook 38th edition
(3)Padres John Kruk vol 2 no 4 July 1988
Red sox 1989 yearbook
World series 1983 phillies vs orioles
Big eight sport folio 1978 conference
Denver broncos 1988 yearbook
Street smith baseball twins win all 1988
Complete book baseball records 1957
Sport 1984 baseball preview april 1984
Rangers 1985 yearbook
San Francisco giants 1981 yearbook
Street smiths baseball padres win 1985
History baseball san francisco bay area
1986 oriole's yearbook
Kansas City royals 1984 yearbook
Oakland athletics baseball 1983 year
Avalanche capturing cup
1986 Minnesota twins yearbook
Dodger's 1980 yearbook
1976 Philadelphia Phillies yearbook
NY Yankees 1984 yearbook 35th ed
1978 Mets yearbook Shea stadium NY
1965 dodger's twins out of World Series
Pittsburg Pirates 1988 yearbook
(2) Super bowl xxii game program
Milwaukee brewers 1979 official year
Official pirate's 1985 yearbook
Super season 1986 broncos training Detroit tiger's 1983 yearbook
Braves illustrated 1983
1988 Yankees yearbook pride power
Milwaukee brewer's 1984 yearbook
Yankees 1986 yearbook 37th edition
1986 official cub's yearbook
Astro bluebonnet bowl CO vs TX
Street smiths baseball 1986 dodger
1983 blue jays yearbook
Giants all stars 1984 yearbook
Album souvenir yearbook expos 1985
1984 mets yearbook
Sporting news 1986 baseball yearbook
Sports illustrated john Elway
Time april 7 1986 doctor k baseball
1983 pirates yearbook
Padres 1985 yearbook
1987 detroit tigers yearbook
San diego padres 1983 official year
California angels 1983 official year
Rangers 1984 yearbook
Detroit tigers 1985 yearbook
1983 white sox yearbook
Bill mazeroski's baseball 1988
Texas ranger 1985 souvenir program
Playoff program American league
Three rivers stadium 1971 souvenir
Sports illustrated greatest homerun
San diego padres 1984 official yearbook
Padres 1984 official program
Phillies 1977 yearbook
Denver broncos 1987 yearbook
Street smiths 1983 baseball
LA dodgers 1984 yearbook
Sports illustrated john Elway 1988
Petersen's 1986 annual pro baseball
Official scorecard rockies vol 13 no 6
Blue jays special edition 1985
Sporting news college football 1985
Street smith 1982 baseball
1985 national league dodgers cardinals
Texas rangers 1983 official souvenir
Sporting news 1985 baseball yearbook
Inside sports April 1985
Sporting news encore broncos two row
Mad no 225 September 1981 double
Mad special potter December 2001
Mad super special #27 shock sticks
Mad no 153 September 1972
Mad XL exposed fbi march 2003
Mad collectors series #4
Mad death by scooter
Mad zit happens extra juicy
Mad no 149 march 1972 tear Willard
Mad collectors series #5
Mad we mutate X men 2
Mad xl matrix june 2003
Mad no 216 july 1980
Mad no 226 oct 1981 superman ii
Mad squish spiderman
Mad zaps human race
Ainslee's November 1914
Marine corps gazette july 1987
Marine corps gazette june 1995
Marine Corps gazette feb 1992
The how why civil war
Americas civil war march 1989
Americas civil war January 1989
Breaching marianas battle saipan WWII
Free a marine to fight women WWII
Frontier times January 1967
Frontier times November 1966
Frontier times November 1965
True west October 1975
True west feburary 1976
True western adventures june
Military history October 1995
Newsweek september 8 1997
Newsweek farewell sept 15 1997
Indiana hunter education handbook
Early American life august 1976
People August 2 1999 john f kennedy
Cross stitcher feburary 2005

as well as

LIFE March 14,1969 - The darling contraption called LEM
LIFE November 25, 1946 - Tenth Anniversary Issue
LIFE March 13, 1964 - part I of a series The First World War
The Saturday Evening POST February '74 - Astrology Who Believes In It?...
The Saturday Evening POST December 1, 1962 - The Story Behind Berlin's Tunnels to Freedom
The Saturday Evening POST December 9, 1961 - My Views on Beplin
The Saturday Evening POST March 16, 1963 - Castro's Impact - New Paris Fashions
The Saturday Evening POST October 21, 1961 - A special Report by John Burtlow Martin: Television USA: Wasteland or Wonderland?
The Saturday Evening POST December 14, 1963 - In Memoriam A senseless Tragedy John F. Kennedy 1917-63
The Saturday Evening POST February 11, 1961 - James Stewart tells his own story
The Saturday Evening POST January 26, 1963 - We Sailed The Columbus Ship
The Saturday Evening POST June 3, 1961 - Could Nuclear War Begin by Accident?
The Saturday Evening POST January 13, 1968 - Exclusive 'Please Hurry Someone...' - The Tom Dodd Scandal

Also there are some vinyls, and a small amount of board games
and VHS and DVDs and Cassettes and CD's.

There is also a NEW ** 3 Ton Central Air Conditioner **still in box
3 Ton 13 Seer Condenser

A- Coil 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0 TON A/C

15' Precharged Line Set

28 X 38 X 3 Ultralite Pad

You may ask whatever questions you may have and I will do my
best to answer them .

Thanks ^_^