How To Spot A Fake Fendi Bag

Have you ever authenticated your fendi bag? Don’t get duped by the alarmingly good knock-offs out there. Thanks to the combined knowledge of handbag addicts, experts and bloggers, we’ve pieced together a list of 12 ways that can help you determine the authenticity of a Fendi handbag.

How To Spot A Fake Fendi

1. Leather: Fendi handbags are always made from high quality leather. Leather of this quality should easily stand up on its own with out collapsing in on itself.

2. Hardware: All of the hardware should match exactly in both shine and color. All hardware on a real Fendi will have the designer’s name engraved on it. Also, real Fendi buckles are perfectly square.

3. Stitching: The stitching of the bag should match the coloring of the bag, and it should be evenly spaced. No loose threads, or threads that look askew.

4. Logo: On all hardware, the Fendi logo should be engraved or embossed and not printed on.

5. Lining: Most of the linings on a real Fendi are made of high quality satin. Good satin gives off a high, even shine. On a real Fendi, the lining is always stitched on. If the lining on a bag is glued on, it is definitely a fake. The lining should also be oriented horizontally. The FF pattern should not slant or look uneven.

7. Consider the source: If someone is selling their bag because “they got it as a gift, and they no longer want it,” doesn’t that seem a bit suspicious? These bags are gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want one as a gift? A more plausible story is that someone just has too many bags and is cleaning out their closet, or the bag is old and worn. Ask sellers why they’re selling and you’ll gain some insight into whether it’s real or fake.

8. Strap: Most real Fendi bags have genuine leather-cored straps. Even if the strap looks like plastic, the core will be a solid rope of leather. Also, the straps on real Fendi bags are never wrapped in plastic.

9. Serial number: The serial number plate is on the inside of the bag. It will have an embossed serial number on it. If any or all of the numbers are not clearly visible, it could be a fake.

10. Interior label: The interior label on a real Fendi should be a metal square with a leather background. The leather background will have square corners, not rounded corners, and the metal will be engraved with FENDI and MADE IN ITALY. Also check the stitching on the leather to make sure it is even.

11. Hang tags: There will never be a price tag or hang tag attached to the bag itself. Also, any tags or authenticity documentation that do come with a real Fendi do not come in an envelope.

12. Price: As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The cheapest Fendi bag will run close to $300 new, with expensive bags fetching $3,000 or more. If you are looking at a Fendi being sold for under $100 and it’s not severely damaged, it’s probably a fake.

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